How To Find Tenants for Your Rental Properties

How To Find Tenants for Your Rental Properties

I’ve already written much on this site about landlording, but following are some ways to help you find tenants for your rental properties:

1. The number one way that properties get filled, believe it or not, is the sign in the yard. Why?

  • neighbors refer
  • neighbors leave their home and move into yours
  • people driving by who want to live in the area or who work nearby see it and call

I find it fascinating that of all the marketing we do, the number one way people find our rentals is the sign in the yard.

2. Then, of course, there are tons of sites online for marketing:

  • Craigslist
  • Zillow
  • Trulia,
  • HotPads
  • etc., etc.

There are more free sites listed on the Links page of this blog, by the way.

3. Contact local companies because many help employees who transfer from out-of-state to find homes through their human resources departments.

4. Check with local universities to see if your property can be listed in housing finders for their students or if you can place flyers on university bulletin boards.

And, once you have an applicant, screen everyone through services like National Tenant Network ( Screening is very inexpensive and takes the guesswork out of who you’re putting in your property. We charge the fee back to the tenant on their rental application – anywhere from $25-$40.

Landlording is not that difficult when you put in a little time and effort up front. For more landlording tips, be sure to check out my book – The Essential Handbook for Landlords.

How do you find tenants for your rental properties?

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