How to Have an Open House, 2

How to Have an Open House, 2

We are investors who buy and sell quite a number of homes in the Greensboro area. You may be thinking about an open house to sell the home you live in. I highly recommend having one.

I LOVE having open houses. We do, however, prepare for them.

Of course,we have our signs and flyers in the yard. We send out, on average, 350-450 letters to surrounding homes telling neighbors the day and time of the open house and that we pay referral gifts for finding our buyer.

The day of, always put out directional signs to the house from every direction with balloons tied on each sign.  We almost ALWAYS have people in the house the entire two hours we’re open (2-4pm on Sunday). We us no newspaper advertising as we’ve found it to be a huge waste of money.

We consistently get TONS of business from having open houses.  Neighbors come by and watch to see how fast we sell. They call later to ask “can you buy my house?” People who are looking for a home to buy learn about our programs and sign up.

I’ve even had agents call to ask how we drive so much traffic. It takes more than sticking a sign in the yard and putting the property on the MLS. Agents often complain of having few if any prospects at open houses. Ours are typically too busy to talk with everyone who shows up. Hooray! Nothing beats the face to face. No other marketing can match that.

We also have a large following on our selling website. Many people say, “I’ve been watching your site and I know how fast your properties go.” And at many open houses we’ve written a sales contracts right then!!

The number one way all houses sell is the sign in the yard.  Number two, for us, is Craigslist. We put all of our houses on the MLS, mostly so the public will find our properties when searching on free sites like Listingbook.

Most important thing as an investor: BE CONSISTENT. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER SLOW DOWN YOUR ADVERTISING/MARKETING. We have had people watch us for years to find the property they want.

Good luck with selling your house. Open houses work.

For more tips, read:  How to Have an Open House and Unique Ways to Sell Your Home.

I would love to hear your experiences.

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