Let’s Go Girls..

Let's Go Girls..

According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2010, single women made up 20 percent of all home buyers while single men accounted for only 12 percent.

The Joint Center for Housing Studies listed the three main reasons single women are buying homes in record numbers as: to relocate closer to a job or family; because they need more space; and, the number 1 reason is that nurturing female instinct, a strong desire to nest.

Women are a force in the workplace and make better salaries than previous generations. They understand the need for creating their own security and, divorce rates being what they are, no longer sit back hoping someone else will provide for themselves, their children and their future.

Later in their careers, divorced women and female retirees are downsizing on their own.

When buying or selling, the fact that single women account for one fifth of all buyers is a valuable number to have. In sales, it is critical to know your target audience and craft your product to meet their needs. Have you noticed automobiles with flower holders built into the dash? The automotive industry studies who their buyers are and so should you.

Armed with this knowledge, how will you market and stage your properties differently?

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