Marketing – How Effective is Yours?

Marketing How Effective is Yours


Need customers? Whether you’re trying to buy a home or sell your house, the answer is a resounding “yes”. If you don’t understand that, it could be the reason you’re not finding what you need.

Do buyers know your house is for sale?

  • Is there a sign in the yard? With a phone number that someone answers and a web site that is monitored regularly?
  • Is your property listed on the MLS, with fabulous photos and an outstanding description of the most desirable features?
  • Is it in the newspaper in an ad that stands out from the others?
  • Is it on all the free on-line listing sites (and there are a TON of them)?
  • Have you put out flyers
  • Have you talked to your neighbors and co-workers about it?
  • Have you offered a finder’s gift if someone refers the person who buys your home?

What have you done above and beyond the usual that makes your property get attention? Why would someone find you in the haystack of for sale homes?

Can’t find the home you’re looking for?

  • Have you marketed for it?
  • Do your friends, family and co-workers know you’re looking?
  • Do they know what exactly it is that you want?
  • Are you offering a finder’s gift if they bring you a lead on the property you finally purchase?
  • Have you run an ad in the paper describing what you’re looking for?
  • Are you in the free papers with an ad?
  • Have you advertised on-line on the “looking for” sites? Even Craigslist lets you search for wanted items and has a “wanted” tab under their for-sale column where you can place your own ad. Rather than two, four, even six of you searching for that dream home, go online and let thousands help you find it. What are you doing beyond hoping that will make your wish come true?

Being pro-active is absolutely necessary to find what you want, buying or selling. Good news, it’s easier than ever today with all the available on-line help.

What ideas can you share? What has worked for you? This is the power of community!

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  1. Hi Ray:

    To determine rents, you can use sites like Rental Comps and Rent-o-Meter. You can find links to both of those in the links tab on the right hand column of the blog.

    Thank you for your question!

  2. How do you determine the maximum rent you can get for a house you are intending to keep as a rental property?

    Thanks for providing so many good topics. Each time I go looking for a particular topic, I find an endless supply of helpful topics.

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