The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home

the Essentail Handbook for Selling a Home

The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home

Well, it’s finally available! And, it’s on sale!

A student contacted me last night to let me know that my latest book, The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home, is available for only $7.70 at Barnes and That’s almost 50% off the cover price of $14.95!

I don’t know how long this sale lasts, but The Essential Handbook for Buying a Home was never offered at a reduction from its $9.95 cover price.

What will you find in this book? Well, most importantly, step by step instruction on how to sell in today’s buyer’s market! You’ll learn:

  • Are we at the bottom of the real estate market?
  • How to sell with Owner Financing, Lease Option, and Auctions
  • Determining property value
  • Creating effective marketing
  • Handling the offer/counter offers, closing costs, inspections, and so much more!

If you or your clients could be helped by this book (I have no doubt..) I suggest you get it now at to take advantage of this huge savings!

And, I can’t wait to hear your feedback. My goal, as always, it to make the process easy, understandable, and swift. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to ask me here. That’s what I do this for!

To your buying and selling success!

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