Well, we’ve moved…

Well, we've moved...

And we’re exhausted, but very happy.

More moving tips: when you know you’re going to move, join a gym! The amount of physical work you’re about to experience cannot be over emphasized!

Check and recheck all appointments. When you’re packed and ready to go, the movers not showing on time, the cable guy not coming to the new home as scheduled, the power company forgetting to send someone to read the meter so they can set up your electrical, all of these and a lot of other things can really mess up your move! Re-confirm appointments! Make sure the person you talked to really scheduled your appointment! It takes some time but the mistake you prevent will be well worth it.

Our biggest problem was the moving estimator. We were billed $220 per hour by the movers. We were only moving 5.5 miles to our new home. The time estimate we were quoted was 5 1/2 hours which came out to be a reasonable charge. Well, it took 11 hours and the movers (all 4 of them) worked hard all day. The mistake was entirely the estimator’s. However, when it came time to hand over my credit card, there was an additional $1100 to be paid. I didn’t pay for all the additional and the estimator is supposed to be calling me to “work out the misunderstanding”. Now, I could understand if he’d been off by 2 hours, maybe 3, but 5 1/2? Double the estimate time? Part of this problem is not mine…

Things happen, not everything goes as planned, so expect that when you start out. Be well rested and have plans for food along the day. We had a friend bring dinner over while everyone was unpacking – she even brought homemade apple pie and hand packed vanilla ice cream – way above the call of duty. Thanks, Susan. Nothing better than sitting down to a wonderful meal when your body is ready to collapse!

And, there will be repair issues in the new home that you didn’t expect so… expect them! This is all part of the experience of the new place. You’ll want to make “adjustments” to make it yours. Give yourself time, do it with love, enjoy every minute of your new adventure and… Welcome Home!

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