Why Winter May be Your Best Buying Season

Why Winter May Be Your Best Buying Season

Oftentimes, winter is considered the “slow” season for real estate, as an investor or a retail buyer or seller. In eight years of doing business, we have not found this to be the case for our business! We just don’t have a “slow” season (fortunately).

Why is it that we don’t have a slow period? I think, to begin with, because we don’t expect it! For one thing, we never slow our marketing. I talk with a number of people involved in real estate who say they cut off  or cut back their marketing in November and December because, “you know, people aren’t looking then anyway.”

Actually, they are. Perhaps not as many, due to their holiday activities, but people are buying and selling homes, changing locations, or needing rentals, every single day. Whenever they’re out looking, we want to be ready and available. If there are fewer houses on the market in the Winter months, we want to be the ones out there available. And we are. And our phones ring.

Don’t stop marketing; don’t stop answering your phones; don’t stop being available for buyers, sellers, and tenants.

So, why could Winter be, in fact, your best buying season?

    1. there are fewer buyers (less competition) looking at properties
    2. sellers are more motivated (because of item #1)
    3. as an investor, Winter is the perfect time to rehab a property so it’s ready for the Spring selling market
    4. cost savings – with less work going on, laborers are more available and motivated to get your job
    5. after holidays is often the best time of year for huge price discounts (appliances and building supplies)

So, yes, it’s cold outside, but don’t let that deter you. Winter is abundant with real estate opportunity!

What’s your experience with real estate business in the winter?

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  1. And, many buyers aren’t shopping because they think there are fewer deals. Leaves more for us!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Seth.

  2. Nice post Karen. I’ve found the same thing in my business – I think about 75% of my transactions have historically taken place during the coldest 6 months of the year. Seems to be something about this “slower” time that motivates property owners to sell their properties for a lower price.

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