Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes!

Well, we've moved...

Our last move was 2009. It certainly gave me much more appreciation for our tenants moving in and out. What a lot of work! So much to do, so much to think about! All the little decisions: Take this? Throw these away? Give this to someone? Sell these? Will I still want this in my new home?

It’s exhausting! We payed a moving company, but we boxed everything up ourselves. They charged about $150 per hour so, to save money, I wanted to do as much of the work myself as possible. Plus, if I pack it, I mark it to know where and what it is.

We packed well over 100 boxes, and it’s just the two of us. Our kids and their stuff were already out of the house.  We found banana boxes from the grocery store to be the sturdiest, plus they have lids so they stack well and have holes to pick them up by for easy transport. Free and sturdy and boxes stack well when they’re they same size. We went to the local grocery every other day to get them. Did you know that bananas are delivered to the stores every two days? They’re so fragile and so perishable that they don’t keep long, so the stores have them delivered more often than any other product!

Suggestions for packing? One of mine is… take extra B vitamins for stamina! Any great moving tips you can share?

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  1. I love that tip! Even different colored tape would work if you get free boxes, like I do, from the grocery and liquor stores. I also thought about putting stickers on the boxes that were different for each room.

    And thanks for the tip about I will check them out.

    I really appreciate your help!

  2. Color code the boxes, so the movers know what room or floor the boxes need to go into. Someone mentioned that in a blog I read, and I thought that was a fabulous idea!

    This other one won’t help you now, but another person mentioned getting boxes from Prices were very reasonable (definitely cheaper than new), and they delivered them straight to my door. Definitely was a huge saver of time and stress.

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