Open House – it’s time!

Open house - it's time!

Happy Spring!  And, if you’re planning to sell a property, it’s time to get ready for Open House.

The nice weather will bring people out and you want to have your home’s best face ready! Even if you’re not putting it on the market for another month, now is the time to be getting it ready. Here are some things you need to do:

1) Clean up the clutter! Clean out cabinets and closets. Throw out what you can; give away what can be passed on; box up what you want to keep that you won’t be using often. This gives your home a more open and airy feeling for buyers who will be coming through. It also gets you closer to being ready to move! Read: Cleaning Out!

2) Clean up the yard. Get rid of all winter debris – anything dead or dying. Rake the yard well and throw out new seed. Freshen up flower beds with bark or straw and plant flowering plants when the weather allows. Cut back overgrowth.

3) Exterior touch up. Make sure the front door looks fresh.

If you don’t want to paint the exterior of the house, at least do the front door. First impressions matter most. And, make sure the door knob and lock work properly. If the looker has trouble getting in the front door, their first concern will be, “what else in the house isn’t functioning properly?”

4) Interior touch up. Clean carpets as needed. Clean moldings and switch plate covers. Sticky fingerprints from your little ones are not attractive to potential buyers. Make sure window treatments hang straight and replace any damaged blinds. Anything your looker notices as not right drops their offer and is seen by them as more work once they move in.  Ugh.

5) Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle! ( Just like you would want in a property you’re buying.) Let the buyer see the joy of living in the home. You don’t want them focused on anything negative.

It’s always worth the effort.  If your home is “ready to sell”, your buyer will be more impressed, their offer will be higher, and you’re so much further toward being able to move!  Besides, all the preparation stirs up great energy around the property.  Read How to Sell in Today’s Market.

What advice can you add?  Happy Selling!

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  1. Karen,

    Another well written post.
    I advise my clients the same – some little touch ups and the house starts to sparkle.
    Getting the house “spring ready” as many buyers tend to start looking again.

    Harvey Dean

  2. Happy: For the letter he wants to send out to the neighborhood, he needs to go to the TriadMastermind website and it is under Files For Download and then Marketing for Selling.

  3. Happy:

    Go to the search bar and type in Open House. Scroll through the posts that come up. There are 3 that are specifically named Open House. Between all of those, you will have a TON of information! You can also click on the Marketing tab in the right hand column and find more information there!

  4. Hey Karen,
    My name is Happy Hinton and I work for Bill Sandford. I printed out the information with the 5 tips for an open house. He was looking for the information that you had talked about that pertains to marketing for an open house. Can you give me some assistance as to your marketing tips for this?
    Thank you,

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