The Moving Process – Cleaning Out

The Moving Process – Cleaning Out

We’re moving! Well, not actually us this time, but my sister is moving so I’m thinking, again, about what all the process entails. So much excitement to be in the new home; so dreading the physical move!

In fact, early Summer is the time of year when many, many people are changing location! So, this week I’ll be posting about the actual moving process and ways to make it all go much smoother and easier for you, your buyer, your seller, and/or your tenant! Yes, there are actually things you can do to make the process less burdensome.

Clean out the clutter. If you’ve been in your current home for a long time, you no doubt have A LOT of stuff to move. Best way to begin is to get started cleaning out. You can never clean out too soon, too often or too much! The best Feng Shui advice is GET RID OF THE CLUTTER!

Shoes and clothes. If you’re not using something, pass it on. Start the cleaning out process with shoes and clothes. Last time we moved, I took boxes of clothes to the women’s shelter. The clothes were nice enough for someone else to use but things I no longer wore. I did that quite often when my kids were growing up. If it doesn’t fit anymore, pass it on.

Knick-knacks. Next, the unnecessary knick-knacks. Pack those up for Goodwill. You’ve enjoyed them for a time, now let someone else appreciate them. Cleaning out closets and drawers is actually therapeutic! It feels good and increases the energy in the home to get rid of the excess, and it feels great to know that you are helping someone else when you “pass it on”.

Yard sale. For those items you no longer want but feel they’re too nice to give away, have a yard sale or list the items for sale (with photos) on

Start immediately – cleaning out, clearing up, passing on! After you get rid of what’s not necessary, packing will be easier, less time consuming, and ultimately cheaper to move!

What can you add?

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  1. Cleaning is an important part of moving, Thank you for providing us valuable information about cleaning during moving.

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