10 More Moving Tips

10 More Moving Tips

Moving? Finding a place to go is just the beginning of the process – now you need to clean out, pack up, and move! Here are 10 tips to ease your moving experience:

  1. Newspapers – When getting ready to move, start saving newspapers! Ask friends and neighbors to save theirs for you. You can never have too much packing material. Buy bubble wrap for the dishes and glasses.
  2. Boxes – Grocery stores and liquor stores are great sources for strong boxes (for free!). Most stores crush their boxes after emptying so ask them to save boxes for you. Sometimes they have boxes available, sometimes they’ll tell you when to come back to pick them up. We found banana boxes to be the best, and the stores get new ones every other day!
  3. Bags – Don’t use paper or plastic bags for transport. Items are not protected, bags tear and spill, and having everything in boxes makes it easy to stack and pack in the moving truck.
  4. Sealing Boxes – When sealing your boxes, be sure to use packing tape. That’s the only kind that will really hold through the trials of moving. Duct tape does not stick well to cardboard and may break lose.
  5. Marking Boxes – Be sure your boxes are clearly marked. That way, when you get to the new home, you’ll know where the boxes go, what you want to open first, and what can wait until later or go into storage.
  6. Color Markers – Use different colored boxes, tape, markers, or stickers for each room so the movers (and you) will know which room to take each box to in your new home.
  7. Clothes are OK to leave in drawers during transport but everything else should be taken out and boxed for safety and ease of movement. Take out all valuables, such as jewelry, and anything breakable or heavy to wrap and move separately.
  8. Fragile – Always clearly mark the FRAGILE items. Lamps, china, computers, stereos, DVD players, all must be carefully packed and marked for safety. Remember how well they were packed when you bought them?
  9. Wardrobe boxes are a worthwhile investment. Simply take the clothes out of your closets and hang them on the hanging bar in the box. No folding necessary. These boxes save a ton of time and energy.
  10. Appliances – If you’re moving appliances, be sure to empty the contents of the refrigerator and freezer. Take everything out of the oven and drawers. All appliances must be empty and secure the doors so they don’t fly open during transport.

Whew… A lot to think about and to do. Have I forgotten anything? What can you add to the list?

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