What Credit Score do You Need to Get a Loan?

When applying for credit, one of the first things you need to...

11th Nov
Credit Crunch

Cost of Closing a Credit Card

Credit Score Close a card Miss a payment Max out your cards...

21st Sep

Repairing Your Credit

Do you realize how important your credit score is, all the time?...

25th May
credit card cash

Caution: Your credit score may sink when you sign up for mortgage relief

According to the Washington Associated Press,  if you sign up for the...

22nd Mar
Credit Drop

Mortgage Resets – Here comes the next wave

I know everyone really wants to believe the housing market is going...

05th Feb
Mortgage Resets

How do you Protect What you Have?

photo by AMagill With the implosion of the housing market, the collapse...

21st Dec

Turned Down for a Mortgage? What’s Next?

  First of all, you’re not alone. Hope that helps… The Mortgage...

19th Dec
Turned Down for a Mortgage? What's Next?

Debit Card – do you use one?

photo from TalkforFinance We’ve talked about credit cards in New Credit Card...

02nd Dec

Your Credit Card is Canceled

Possibly without notice.. You may be aware that many new laws protecting...

25th Nov

Raising Your Credit Score after a Short Sale

How does a short sale affect your credit report and is there...

22nd Sep

Will a Short Sale hurt your credit?

Facing foreclosure? You may have heard that one way to protect your...

27th Mar
Will a Short Sale Hurt Your Credit?