Foreclosure Laws State by State

Foreclosures are down pretty much coast to coast. However, if you’re involved...

14th Aug

Is a Lis Pendens the Best Opportunity for an Investor?

We typically prefer to buy properties before they have gone to foreclosure,...

05th Nov

Foreclosure Scavengers

This is why you don’t buy a property sight-unseen.

23rd Aug

Flipping Properties

What makes a property a “flip”?  As a general rule, a property...

22nd Aug
flip house

CitiMortgage Launches Home Rental Program

CitiMortgage is launching a home rental program that sounds a lot like...

09th Aug
CitiMortgage Launches Home Rental Program

Can’t Make Your Mortgage Payments? 12 Possible Solutions

Can’t make your mortgage payments? You’re not alone. There are many options,...

16th May

B of A Allows Homeowners to Stay in Homes as Renters

Bank of America is testing a program that will allow homeowners facing...

27th Mar
B of A Allows Homeowners to Stay in their Homes

Message to Congress on Small Home Mortgage Foreclosures

Special safeguards should be thrown around home ownership as a guarantee of social and economic stability, and that to protect home owners from inequitable enforced liquidation in a time of general distress is a proper concern of the Government.

30th Nov

Foreclosures – More Profitable Than Loan Modifications?

photo by peternamara1 I first posted this article on November 10, 2009....

16th Nov

Forecosure Avoidance Programs = Failure

  The following is taken almost verbatim from a Tuesday, October 11,...

18th Oct

Current Foreclosures Could Take 45 Years to Process

Here are some tidbits I learned this week: “Leads convert 22 times...

17th Sep

1 Million Foreclosures Delayed Until 2012

But how does this impact you? A recent report by RealtyTrac stated:...

26th Jul
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