Is a Lis Pendens the Best Opportunity for an Investor?

We typically prefer to buy properties before they have gone to foreclosure,...

05th Nov

Can’t Make Your Mortgage Payments? 12 Possible Solutions

Can’t make your mortgage payments? You’re not alone. There are many options,...

16th May

Bank of America Refines the Short Sale Process

This is a pretty significant change and, in case you didn’t see...

11th Apr
Bank of America Refines the Short Sale Process

New Rules Concerning Short Sales

Have you been, or will you be, involved with a short sale?...

29th Nov

6 Options When You Can’t Make Your Mortgage Payment

If no longer being able to make your mortgage payment is a...

17th May

Short Sale – Offer 100 Percent Deposit!

A short sale is a sale that occurs when the lender agrees...

02nd May

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure – how does it impact you?

Did you know: Time lenders typically require to repurchase a home: Short...

07th Jun

Short Sales Changes – April 2010

In a short sale, the lender agrees to discount the loan balance...

15th Jan
Short Sale

Steps Involved in a Short Sale

To begin a short sale process, contact the lender and request their...

09th Jul

What is a Short Sale?

photo by myhomesave A short sale is when a mortgage is being...

02nd Jul

Will a Short Sale hurt your credit?

Facing foreclosure? You may have heard that one way to protect your...

27th Mar
Will a Short Sale Hurt Your Credit?