Drones ~ The Newest Way to Photograph Your Properties

Drones are the newest, and possibly most exciting, way to photograph real...

31st Aug
Drones ~ The Newest Way to Photograph Your Properties

Marketing with Videos

Do you use videos in your marketing? You should and it’s very...

28th Aug
Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 10.18.36 AM

Warning: Hanging Advertising on Mailboxes is Illegal!

Photo by ellie Many people use the flag of the mailbox to...

06th Jun

35 Ways to Market for Sellers

What’s the best way to find people who are ready to sell...

20th Mar
Newspaper Machines

Amazing Sales Statistics

Got this off Facebook. There was no source to credit. Please tell...

04th Oct
Amazing Sales Statistics

How Quickly Should You Be Responding to Customers?

Probably faster than you think. With emails and texting, clients are expecting...

03rd Oct
How Quickly Should You Be Responding to Customers?

100 Ways to Create Real Estate Leads

How effective is your marketing? Whether buying, selling, or investing in real...

12th Sep
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Marketing – How Effective is Yours?

Need customers? Whether you’re trying to buy a home or sell your...

10th Sep
Marketing How Effective is Yours

Follow Up with Every Potential Customer

In our investment meetings we talk a lot, naturally, about buying and...

08th May
Follow Up With Every Potential Customer

Online Marketing – Any Marketing, Actually

  I just returned from a 4 day event on online marketing....

03rd May

Where to Market When Selling a Home

It’s Spring! Best time of year to sell or rent out a...

26th Apr
Where to Market a House for Sale

Branding or Problem Solving? What do Your Customers Care About?

What’s your definition of success? Do you want to be rich, or...

15th Feb